#OneWord2019: Perspective

Perspective defined: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.  2018 has brought on many changes professionally in my life.  Leading the way is a  new position in Wake County Public Schools as a Digital Learning Coordinator.  This new job has allowed me to see inside 22 schools with a lens I never had before. With each school I enter, I learn new things. With every handshake, hug, or wave I gain a different perspective. I am fortunate to work with hundreds of educators. to learn with them, from them, and alongside them. Everyday is a new challenge that must be approached not only through my perspective but with the wherewithal to see things as others do.

Perspective has allowed me to see things differently.  It opens my mind and heart to ideas and opinions I may have once disagreed with. My world as an educator is forever changing. I am embracing this word in 2019: Perspective.

Ask yourself…not only, What do You see, but what do Others see? This is Perspective and it’s life changing.

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  1. Hi, Melanie.

    I enjoyed your reflection. I especially liked how you embrace learning alongside others. That not only implies that you’re there to help others, but that equates your presence with the opportunity to learn from others. And I believe that THAT is authentic perspective.

    Another beautiful reflection in this post: “Ask yourself…not only, What do You see, but what do Others see? This is Perspective and it’s life changing” has me thinking how I can realize opportunities to #becomebetter in my own spaces thru the eyes of others. This kind of thinking is priceless.

    Thanks for this very important zooming–out space, Melanie. Can’t wait for your next post.


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