How did this happen? How did so much time pass without any reflections??? The year 2021 was a blur. The Covid pandemic changed my perspective forever and helped me focus on my #oneword2021, "Gratitude". I enjoyed time with family, I inspected my health, and I pursued career goals. Now I'm ready for 2022!!! In 2022... Continue Reading →

How Can Students Contribute to Their Classroom Culture?

Google Classroom Banners Back in the day, educators would spend hours making their classrooms cozy, comfy, and inviting for students.  Walls would be littered with inspirational quotes, fun puffy rainbow fonts and images students could relate to.  As students filled these spaces they too would help build the world around them by adding their artwork,... Continue Reading →

#OneWord2020 SELF

2020 rings in 50 years of life for me. This birthday feels bigger than any other. A semi-centurion, quinquagenarian, 5 decades...no matter what you call 50 years, it’s a heck of a lot of time on Earth. My mom died 7 years before she turned 50. Back when I was 18 I thought, “Well she... Continue Reading →

Figure It Out

Now more than ever we have technology to solve problems, answer our questions, and free up more time. What I find to be the most mind-boggling, is that more so than ever, our young people cannot figure out some of the simplest tasks. Is it because we are not doing a good job helping them... Continue Reading →

#OneWord2019: Perspective

Perspective defined: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.  2018 has brought on many changes professionally in my life.  Leading the way is a  new position in Wake County Public Schools as a Digital Learning Coordinator.  This new job has allowed me to see inside 22 schools with a... Continue Reading →

No One Wants to Fail

You might as well hang your hat up and quit.  You failed.  There is no redemption. You should  stop trying. You're a loser. Failing never feels good. The word "Fail" makes my skin crawl.  But as much as I hate failing, I have also learned to embrace failing.  But this is not the case for... Continue Reading →

Live in the Present

My best learned lesson are taught to me through my own children.  Recently, my son has been feeling anxious.  I would say, "Don't worry about that" or "That seems silly to think that".  What I have now learned is I was dismissing something that was real and scary to him. I was failing at acknowledging... Continue Reading →


I've spent the last few months caught up in the phrase, "You Do You".  The meaning behind those words is a powerful one.  It is one that emcompasses individuality, risk taking, being bold and adventurous, and sometimes stepping outside one's comfort zone. "You do You" is not a new phrase.  It's been around the block... Continue Reading →

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