I’ve spent the last few months caught up in the phrase, “You Do You”.  The meaning behind those words is a powerful one.  It is one that emcompasses individuality, risk taking, being bold and adventurous, and sometimes stepping outside one’s comfort zone. “You do You” is not a new phrase.  It’s been around the block a few times.  But for me it has newfound meaning, so I’m adding to this phrase…”You Do You EDU“:


As an Educator, too many times we try to fit into a traditional role.  One that is expected of us, or comfortable, or status quo.  When I think about what might be BEST for our students, I think “You Do You EDU”.  Stepping outside our comfort zone, choosing different, meeting the needs of all students.  We all can’t be doing the same thing at all times…so I say:

Educators: You Do You EDU!


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  1. I dig this, Melanie!

    And what’s interesting is that it fits research around what works in schools. One study that comes to mind is a bit on the different ways to teach reading and writing to students. What researchers found was that there were effective teachers using strategies that were polar opposites of one another. The conclusions drawn by the authors was that the strategies used weren’t the variable that mattered. Instead, it was both the teacher’s belief in and competence with the strategy.

    Our systems have been hell bent on standardization. We use the argument that equity only comes when every kid has the SAME learning experiences — so if technology is playing a huge role in one room, it should be used in the same way in other rooms. Or if math is being taught in a real world way in one room, it should be taught in a real world way in another room.

    Standardization is far less important than we think — particularly when standardization leads to teachers being forced to implement practices that they don’t believe in and that they have no real skill with. In those cases, standardization leads to WORSE results than if we had embraced a #YouDoYou approach to EDU.

    Dug thinking alongside you this morning….


    1. Thanks Bill for checking out my blog post. I too find the research interesting. Standardization is NOT what is best for all students. I hope someday that the people making decisions agree with us. Let’s keep doing #YouDoYouEDU


  2. Nice post, Melanie! Doing what’s BEST for our students requires educators to adapt and differentiate. I think too many times, educators get caught up in unhealthy competitions among EACH OTHER, and in their tribes, and lost site of their ultimate cause—Our learners. If every educator jumps on the same bandwagon and feels the need to dominate every space, then there will be very limited opportunity for differentiation for our students. Different kinds of learners require different kinds of educators.
    I like how your reflection here has such far-reaching applications. Nice! Can’t wait till your next post! Sincerely, Kyle


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