10 Ways to Lead By Example-Everyday. 

One New Year’s Resolution? Make it about about them and not about you. Lead by Example- EVERYDAY.

The best thing we can do to make this world a better place is to Lead By Example. There is no teaching that can trump modeling the behaviors you want to see in others. 

In my job I am in and out of many classrooms. I am fortunate to be able to work with a lot of different teachers and students.  I see the teachers and students and how they interact with each other. The students emulate their behaviors based on what they see and hear.  I’ve been thinking lately how important it is for all educators to Lead by Example.  

How can we expect our students to act a certain way if we ourselves are not modeling? If we are modeling respect we will see respect in our classrooms. If we give 100% effort we will in turn receive 100% effort. If we are kind to a colleague we will watch our students be kind to a peer. It’s simple…Lead by Example. If we want our students to act and be a certain way, we must teach them by our actions. We must not forget…Actions speak louder than Words.

10 ways to lead by example:

1. Admit when you’re wrong

2. Show Empathy

3. Learn from mistakes

4. Share your knowledge

5. Be nice

6. Think positive

7. Put forth your best effort

8. Help when needed

9. Model good intentions

10. Assume the best in other’s 

Lead By Example.

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